Mobile Apps for the Classroom

for your kindergarten or grade one classroom

Scribble My Story

This is an app that allows students to draw a story

This would be perfect for a Kindergarten or Grade 1 classroom where students are still working on their written communication. After reading a story to the class, a teacher could ask her students to draw the story, she would then check the pictures for the student's understanding of the story line.

Bits Board

This app is full of flashcards of simple images. There are games such as matching or word builder included.

This app would be perfect for a kindergarten or grade 1 classroom. For Language Arts, the teacher could ask the students to match the pictures to the word for word recognition. As an extended activity, the teach might ask the students to give a word to describe the picture.

Fry Words

This app allows a teacher to make lists of spelling words that students are able to view as flashcards or use in simple games.

This app would be great for any elementary grade. For grade one, this would be a great app for students to practice their sight words as well as practice for spelling tests. The games that are available include word mix-ups or scrambles and matching. I think that this app would be great because a teacher is able to continue adding words in separate lists so that students or parents can choose what is being reviewed

Counting Money

This app uses simple coin icons to count how much money is shown.

I think that this would be an excellent tool to use for Grade 1 students to practice their money counting for math. The app allows for difficulty rating to be changed so that the amount of money shown is within what a 5 or 6 year old can count.

Tell Time

This app is a matching game for digital and analog time.

This is a wonderful way for students to reinforce their time telling. Students often struggle with converting digital time to what that looks like for hands on a clock face. I think this is a great app for grade 1 students to practice their time telling.

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