Encryption of Email for Businesses

In the modern business world, you need to stress on the security of your mail communications. For this, you require a secure email service that offers adequate protection. Both sent and received emails will leave behind digital trails so if you do not have encryption in place, your data lies open to different issues of cyber security, lawsuits and breaches. So saying yes to for this three-step process is extremely crucial.

The first is establishing the connection between computer terminals and e-mail provider. Security is important at this stage. Otherwise, you are making it easy for anyone using the network to steal the passwords and usernames and even hijack accounts at will. Secure connection between network and e-mail provider through SSL and TLS setups.

Once you achieve network connection security, it is time to use web-based services, cloud-based subscription or software package for message encryption. Encrypt all the stored e-mails through entire computer security. Those who are using mobile laptop devices cannot ignore this because there have been many instances of stealing.

Which are the main email encryption options before the users today?

  • PKI is costly and complex, which is capable of encrypting these kinds of data, including e-mails. However, this is not ideal for SMBs because of the associated costs.
  • TLS doesn't encrypt actual e-mails because it takes for granted that the recipients also use TLS.
  • IBE depends upon closed infrastructure. Here, everyone using e-mails should have appropriate software for decrypting or encrypting messages.
  • Hybrid encrypted email uses a simple form of PKI

Software package for encryption

Most software packages do not form part of data protection integrated scheme. As a result, you will need to use an additional solution to get protection from virus and another for ensuring the presence of updated firewall. The only problem with software packages is that it is hard to find a seamless coordination between all the different solutions. So you will need to choose a service provider that understands your needs perfectly and offers encryption packages that actually work.

Cloud-based subscription

Data security, cloud-based platforms ensure protection of e-mails while offering digital robust security solutions. Now you can guard sensitive information effectively as the associated technology is outdated and monitored on a regular basis to deal with the constantly evolving threats and practices.

Web-based free services

Those who want can also avail encryption services, which are available free of cost on the web. Here the encryption is on offer from third parties, so you should deal only with reputed and established providers.

If you think that such measures for security are too complex or a complete waste of time you have been lucky so far. No doubt, management of private, public keys may prove to be challenging at times, and you need to make people at the other end use encryption effectively as well. But remember that this solution can prove to be the last defense mechanism against malicious breaches and as such extremely important. So, remain on the right side of email encryption at all times and keep your business secure. Avail the services from http://zixmailencryption.com/.

About The Author

Zeena McWarden is a cyber security expert who writes many interesting articles to help bring email encryption and its advantages into the domain of common people. You can trust her advice for all your data security and integrity preservation requirements.