Geometry All Around Us
Olivia Jacob

1) What is the measure of one interior angle of this sign? What is the name of the shape?

2) What is the relationship between angle 1 and angle 3? If angle 3 is 70 what is the measure of angle 1? What would the measure of angle 2 be?

3) How would you classify this triangle by its angles and sides?

4) What postulate would you use to prove these 2 triangles congruent?

5) Are the columns skew, paralell, or perpendicular?

6) What is the name of the line shown in teal?

7) If lines D and B are parallel then what is the relationship shown between the 2 congruent angles?

8) What is the measure of x?

9) What is the measure of x if the 2 triangles are similar?

10) Solve for x


1) 108, pentagon

2) Vertical angles, 70, 110

3) Obtuse isosceles

4) Hypotenuse Leg (HL)

5) Parallel

6) Angle bisector

7) Alternate interior angles

8) 152

9) x= 17

10) x= 84

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