Non-fiction book

Larrew, Brekka Hervey. Labradoodles. Mankato, MN: Capstone, 2009. Print.

Vocab words, interesting facts, and personal connection

Vocab: Allergy- Sensitivity to something in the environment that causes itchy eyes, runny nose, and other symptoms.

Guide dog- A dog that has been trained to assist and guide people with special needs.

Hip Dysplasia- A painful and crippling condition of a dog's hip joint.

Parti-color- Having one main color with patches of one or more other colors.

Vaccinate- To give an injection that protects against disease.

Interesting facts. Labradoodles enjoy spending time with their owners. Labradoodle puppies look a little like both of their parents. Labradoodles have a mix of the qualities of poodles and Labrador retrievers.

Personal Connection

When I read about Labradoodles, it made me think about how they help people today. Now, I think when I grow up I am going to get my own Labradoodle. So I can breed them and help people who are blind. I will train them as guide dogs.

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