An Array of Different Rulers to Address Your Needs

Rulers are something we all are acquainted with and have used it or may be still using it. A ruler or scale helps measuring length, distance, depth, height and other such vital measurements required for a lot many activities and jobs. The most simple measuring tool or instrument available with mankind is a ruler. These ruler scan be manufactured using different materials like plastic, wood, steel, alluminium, brass etc. The ruler is primarily a long flattened structure with units of measurement and the measuring readings made impression on it with black colored or other deep markings. They are basically 12 inches long. The student’s rulers or desk rulers are used for drawing straight lines, drawing boundaries along the margin of white sheets like the ones students do while doing numerical problems. College goers to require to use rulers if they are pursuing any educational program that involves calculating breadth, length and height. Folding rulers can be easily kept in the pocket or small bags.

A lot many options are available on types of rulers spotted in the market which vary in accordance witj their purpose of being used. Some that deserve special attention are highlighted here in this article to help readers get acquainted with the wide variety of rulers. The most commonly seen types are as follow-:

  • X ray rulers which find special importance in medical science, to be precise in radiology fields. A radiologist can easily figure out the correct measurement of any body part of the diagram only using this ruler. This helps in getting more reliable x ray reports. Medical science technology has helped in creating and developing such highly specialized rulers in medical fields. These radiograph rulers, also known by this name, come featured with radiopaque ink which provides clear and lasting marks on the radiograph.
  • Architectural Scale Ruler is the highly specialized one which helps an architect do drafting and measuring of his/her complex architectural drawings. An architect's scale features multiple units of length and proportional length increments because the rulers meant to facilitate them are used to scale such drawings which require smaller rulers than life-size. They are primarily made these days with plastic or aluminium.
  • Triangular rulers are, as the very name implies, triangle in shape and are extensively used in construction and designing industries. Due to their unique geometric shape they are safeguarded from sliding off the drawing board on which they are placed while working.
  • Logo rulers are nothing but a smart advertising tactic employed by modern day businessmen to promote their company name, brand power and as such overall reputation of their business enterprise. The impression of logos of a particular company or brand is casted on it.
  • Custom rulers or Personalized rulers are all used as advertising, promoting and marketing campaigns these days. They look more attractive and gorgeous than ordinary looking wooden or plastic ones.
  • Machinist ruler is nothing but rulers made out of metals which are more durable and offer better readability than plastic ones.

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