8th Period:  Nikkia D, Kenyette D, Shaquana J, Lenisha M, Diamond W.

It’s exactly 7:38 in the morning and there is a police Tahoe with 4 police officers in there riding around harressting teens on their way school. In Chicago on the west side police are patrolling every morning.

Another early morning disappointment from the west side of Chicago,a homeless man sitting in the doorway of an old abandoned cleaners. This is a normal everyday thing,you can catch homeless people anywhere and anytime on the west of Chicago.

After school on Chicago Ave. and Leamington. The tension is beginning to rise. Boys and girls are about to start fighting with weapons.

On Chicago Ave ,and Leclaire a fight has just started. Girls and boys are jumping on one girl.

What Goes down in the hood .

It's 5th period in Mr.Ryer's class of Al Raby High School. It’s hot in the classroom and our teacher Mr.Ryer is helping other students. So most kids go to sleep in class and do not do their work.


Working out, going to school, taking selfies, making money, and also getting transportation is everyday life of what people go through. These things are important because you always want to keep yourself busy on the daily basic.  

Staying Health an Active

This is a picture of me after school at the YMCA. I took the purple line train which goes north to 1000 grove St. As I arrived inside the building ,I joined the fitness center. It was all different type of races that joined the fitness center. I love to exercise and keep my body in shape. It’s important to keep your body active and moving.

Got To Get This Money Understand Me

A couple of dollars want hurt nobody long as you getting it the right way. I'm on the West side of Chicago in my bedroom counting my money I have saved up. In order to want and need something you have to save money to pay for whatever it is because nothing is free.

Al Raby School Days

This Is Al Raby High School, which is located 3545 w Fulton, yes on the west side of Chicago IL. I attended this school and this picture was taken off the platform on Conservatory. School was letting out and the kids were leaving.

My School Days

This is my selfie at Al Raby High School next to coach D office on the West side of Chicago. This picture shows that I am happy to be in school and that I’ll never give up because I have big dreams to accomplish and acheieve.

Theme B

Go home and write a page tonight and let that page come out of you. Then it will be true. My name is Diamond Warren and I live in the Austin Community. There are many ups and downs or good and bad. Our neighborhood is filled with angry teens, tired parents, polices and homeless people. Kids that go to the school are just trying to make a difference, so our future won’t be like this. But sometimes they get wrap up in gangs or start selling drugs. A lot of people are losing their houses and have to stay on the street or in a shelter. Police play a big part in our community. They try to keep people safe but sometimes the get carry away and start disrespecting people. My family and I just stay to ourselves. We are not going through a struggle. My family is small. It’s only five of us. My school play a big part of my life because right now school is helping decide what I want to do with my life and college. I’m going to make the right decision do I won’t be a casket, a jail number or somebody parent at my age .

By: Diamond Warren

A Student wearing his uniform with pride on a September morning on Karlov he feels comfortable in his school uniform.

Two young male students are on there way to school on a beautiful September morning on Thomas and Avers, they are anxious for school.

A little girl at Columbus Park on A Saturday morning. She is always seen with a basketball,its a hobby she loves doing.

A young girl running outside on a Saturday morning.Her and other children feel comfortable in their neighborhood. Running is a activity she does often.

Hard work pays off

Alraby might not be the kind of school that is perfect but we still get our work done and good things happen there. So this can prove some of the statistics they say about school wrong because most kids like school and come to get an education.

               Place of Learning

I am in front of Alraby high school as you can see in this picture I showed you where I go to not only learn but to get my education as well.

Three female students are excited about school on an early September morning affront of my house on Central and Jackson. They are very anxious for school.

Nikkia's Theme for English B

The instructor said goes home and write a page tonight. And let that page come out of you. Write as freely as you want. Write into your fingers become numb. Make the pen bled into it can’t bleed anymore. Just write, pour your emotions out. It’s okay to write about your fears and beliefs. It’s okay to talk about your interest or what nots. It’s okay to dig deep inside you. Talk about how you love to listen to old songs. Or how you want to live in Atlanta. Talk about what makes your day. The smallest things like getting recognized for your good grades. Talk about how you plan on getting two degrees. Just write, write into you can’t anymore. Write about how you love pies or how you can be a tad bit mean. Write about how you plan to succeed. Don’t be scared! Everything is on paper now. Just write, write into you can’t anymore. Write about how you like to read or how you like hot wings. Write about how you love the color blue and when you were younger kids picked on you. Just write! Continue to keep going .Write about how you haven’t had pasta salad in years and how dogs make you scared. Whatever you do write.

Nikkia's theme is watching over youth

Two toddlers enjoying their selves at Columbus park a park they visit often on Saturday morning.

Violence in the neighborhood

I wouldn’t say my neighborhood is the best but it’s not the worse either. On sawyer Ave you see police officers looking around on the ground for bullet shells because someone was shot in the leg. Violence is everywhere you can’t escape it.


Go home and write a page  tonight and let that page come out of you, then it will be true.

My name is Lenisha, I live on the West side of Chicago in the Austin Area

I am very intelligent, outgoing, and open-minded

I don’t judge others because they got their reason why the way they are

I love my family and friends

I believe everyone can succeed if they try their hardest

Anything I put my mind to I can do it

Someday I will move away from my neighborhood

Al Raby is the high school I attend

Can’t wait until June 8 2015

College here I come.