Its Lice Time

One things that most Lice (and other diseases) don't know is that now is the best time to settling down and start that family you've always wanted. As most of us know its not always easy finding places to live when everywhere you go people are trying to squash or poison you. Here in the trenches of France though, you can expect the exact opposite.

Meet your new homes

In France we have everything you need for a happy life. You want a place where there's a variety of blood choices? We got it. You want a place where there are soldiers who only bath and wash their cloths monthly? We got it. Do you want a place where its dirty and unclean? Got that too. For all you diseases who may be reading this, you like places that are exposed, unsanitary, and cramped? Then we also have something here for you too.

Larry, age: 2 months

This is Larry. He moved out to France recently and was found a great home by our realtors. Here is what he has to say "Its great here. The conditions are perfect, with all you can eat buffets. The blood here is especially good since all the soldiers eat are hard biscuits, canned food and soup."

It is also possible to help those poor diseases who are less fortunate as us. By injecting diseases, such as trench fever, in to our gracious host we are helping them obtain their dream home. It also comes with benefits you because you get to eat during the process.

Here in France we also have a  very high birth rate. Due to our large amount of time in contact with the human body, your eggs can hatch in just 10 days! There is also an 90% chance that your children will make it past the egg stage because the inefficient cleaning methods.  So that dream family of yours isn't all that far off.

Now that you have heard about how great France is, it is time for you to experience trench life for yourself. Come enjoy the food, housing, and company as you relax in your dream home.

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