Republica de El Salvador

                                                          By: Alison Gatzemeyer

Facts: El Salvador

Population: Approximately 6,342,086 people  

Capital: San Salvador

National Language: Spanish, but another local language is called Caliche. There is also a language called Nawat but few people still choose to speak it.

Neighboring Countries: Guatemala to the West, and Honduras to the North and East.

Currency: United States Dollar

The city of El Salvador. Its capital is San Salvador.

Tourists Attractions

1. Lake Ilopango: A crater lake seen on the immediate east side of San Salvador. It is know as a "hot spot" for UFO sightings and also what caused the extreme weather in the earlier years.

Lake Ilopango in central El Salvador.

2.Monumental Stadium Cuscatl├ín: A football stadium located in San Salvador. It is the largest stadium in Central America with a capacity of  53,400 people. It is the home field for the El Salvador National Football Team along with the CD Atletico Marte.

Football stadium in El Salvador

3. Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo: Translation: Monument to the Divine Savior of the World. Located on Plaza El Salvador del Mundo. This is a statue of Jesus Christ on a global sphere of the Earth. This statue is a symbol that represents El Salvador and Christian Salvadorians throughout the world.

Monument to the Divine Savior of the World

Local Expressions

Ique chivo!- Awesome! How cool!

Lana- Money

Cachete- A favor

Bayunco- Immature/ foolish

Para de cucar- Stop Bothering

Estoy con rispa- I'm in a hurry

Food and Drink

Their most famous dish is a food called "pupusa". This is a handmade corn or rice flour tortilla, packed with cheese chicharron (cooked pork meat grounded into a paste) refried beans, and loroco (a vine flower).

Some other famous dishes are foods called the yuca frita and panes rellenos. Yuca frita is a deep fried cassava root served with curitido and chicharron with pepesca. The panes rellenos are warm submarine sandwiches. The turkey and chicken are both marinated and the roasted with pipil spices. It is served with turkey or chicken, tomato, watercress, cucumber, onion, lettuce, mustard, and mayonnaise.  

Panes Rellenos


Curitido: Pickled cabbage, onion and carrot topping.

Pepesca: Fried baby sardines

Pipil Spices: Annatto, clove, allspice, and pepper.

Climate and Geography

El Salvador is one of the most active places on Earth because it is placed on top of 3 of the large tectonic plates creating the earthquakes, and eruptions. El Salvador has over 20 volcanos, though only 2, San Miguel and Izalco, have erupted in recent years.

On the west side of El Salvador there are two parallel mountain ranges and in between them are plateaus  along with a coastal plain right up near the Pacific Ocean. Over 85% is covered in the interior highlands, and the other 15% are the Pacific lowlands. They also have a border of mountains between them and Honduras. El Salvador has over 300 rivers but their most important one is Rio Lempa. Rio Lempa goes through the northern mountains, through the central plateau, and goes through the southern volcanic range, and empties out into the Pacific.   

Most of El Salvador's climate is tropical with dry and wet seasons. Most temperature depends on elevations, and they have very few noticeable seasons. The rainy season is in winter for them. It is between May and October that they reach a very high humidity. An average rain fall is about 78.7 inches. From November to April it is known as Summer. The weather is hot, hazy, and dry.

El Salvador in the Winter
El Salvador in the Summer


This is a ballet folk national dance performed in El Salvador. This is a cool dance that was performed for towns people to enjoy. These dances bring life to the town, and make it be an upbeat city to be in. People all over the world enjoy dances, and concerts, so why not do one right in the middle of street so everyone can see it? Personally I like the dance. We don't see a lot of different cultural dances here in America so it is really cool to see them dance in different ways then we do.


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