Shadow Photo
Trae pecinovsky

1. What Actions did you use? Why did you use them? All I did was adjust brightness and color adjustment and vibrance and all that did was make the shadow darken and pop out I think.

2. How did you make the assignment your own? Why did you take the photo you took? I made it my own because I took the photo, I took the photo I did because I like how my dog was sitting there and how his shadow was popping out.

3. What would you change? I would change the angle, I was hoping I would get a pic of him laying down under a light, but I couldn't get that.

4. What do you really like? I really like how he's sitting and looking at me and how the shadow comes off him. I like the photo over all.

5. I really like Alyssas sing me a song one. Because I like how the color of her eye is and how its glassy, and I think theres a map in her eye.