ROOOOOOAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!! RUN! It's a pack...of velociraptor's. Oh...hey my Dr.Dayton. I will... tell you...about...were velociraptor...lived at...what velociraptor they killed...there prey...and what dinosaur ate the...velociraptor.

Were did velociraptor lived at? Velociraptor lived every were but velociraptor mostly lived in central Asia,Africa,and China.

What did velociraptor eat? Velociraptor ate every thing but not plants velociraptor are carnivores velociraptor eat meat. If they had a pack of 7 or 8 they would take down a T-Rex. Velociraptor did eat lizards and mammals too.   

How did velociraptor kill there prey? Velociraptor killed there prey by using there claws and teeth. Velociraptor had a long claw and was almost the size of your middle finger. Velociraptor have 10 to 16 teeth if one falls out or cracks they don't have dinosaur dentist  velociraptor teeth grow.

What dinosaur ate velociraptor?  All of the carnivores ate velociraptor. But a lot of time Protoceratops and T-Rex eat velociraptor. Some time velociraptor eat velociraptor that is so weird.

Conclusion- I hope you more about velociraptor and were velociraptor lived at,what did velociraptor eat,how did velociraptor kill there prey,and what dinosaur ate velociraptor. Thank you so much for watching this tackk.


Predator-An animal that naturally preys on others

Prey-An animal that is hunted and killed by a predator