Bullying Scenarios

The Pizza Party

If I were apart of this group of friends, I would be aggravated and angered at them for planning and doing such things to someone.I would probably tell them to put themselves in the other persons shoes.  And if this doesn't work, ask them "What is the real purpose of this? Why do you feel the need to make fun of someone else, who in all reality hasn't done anything to you or anyone, to deserve this? Why do you need to hurt someone? What is the reasoning behind making someone feel safe with you and like they are making friends and then turning right around and using the same things they told you out of trust, to hurt them? Why do you want to make someone feel alone? Honestly, tell me why you want to make someone feel bad about themselves? Nobody deserves to feel this way, and honestly none of us have the right to make them feel that way." And yes, I do believe I would say that to someone.


1. If you and your friends witness this bullying, but do nothing about it, what message does this send to the bully? I would think the victim would feel as if that you really don't care.

2. What are some things you and your friends can do to act socially responsible in this situation? Tell an adult, talk to the bully, talk to the bullied, stand up and speak up for the victim.

3. If you and your friends choose to stand up for your classmate, how have you changed your school climate by doing so? You've made the bully aware that there is someone who cares about that person, and you've made the other people being bullied that someone DOES care.

4. In this case of supporting the classmate, what message is communicated to the bully or bullies? Bullying someone, making someone feel alone, or betrayed, is unnecessary. What makes you think you have the right to hurt someone, or make them feel alone? Exactly, you don't have that right.