By: Jordan Fleck

The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo. The population is 3.3 Million people. The palces on the boarder of Uruguay are Argentina and Brazil. The money type they use is peso one is equal to 0.041 US money. The main language in Uruguay is Spanish but they have two other languages that are common Portuguese and Portunol.


They have foods like Alfajores which is two shortbread cookies that are filled with dulce de leche and covered with chocolate. Damasquitos an apricot jelly candy. Dulce de Leche a thick brown paste made from boiled milk, Dulce de leche is the number one sweet thing in Uruguay that is used to fill deserts and spread on bread and other things.

My favorite is the Chaj√° which is a sponge cake covered in whipped cream with crushed meringue on top. Sometimes slices of peach are added too.


Traditonal Dance

A version of a folk dance that was origanaly from from Montevideo, Uruguay. This was recorded in Braga, Portugal, on the date of 25-07-2013. I think this is very cool and interesting. I like how they have big skirts and have big smiles on there faces and are having fun as they dance. I would have fun doing a dance like that they start the dance in a fun way and do lots of intersting spins and turns.

Hand in sand

The hand was made in 1982 by an artist he finished the hand in a week in the harsh condition of the wind and sand. It has been doing a great job surviving through out the years but sadly did not avoid graffeti. The artist has become famous around the world and is inspiring other artist to make hands too.

Santa Teresa Fortress

Santa Teresa Fortress was in progress of being made in 1762 by the Portuguese. Before the construction finished the Spaniards had taken over of the fort and later they finished the construction. Soon after others wished to take over the fortress. During 1839 - 1851 the forg was abandoned. Until 1928 it was fixed up and turned into a tourist attraction.

Palacio Salvo

Built in 1928, Palacio Salvo is a historical landmark. Built in a gothic style by Italian immigrant Mario Palanti. Its was the tallest building in South America for decades and still is a recognizable symbol of the city. It is on many postcards and other items. Visitors can take a elevator ride to the top and see the amazing view of the city.

Weather and Climate

Uruguay has fine tempetures and climate, with mild summers and winters. Summer is from December to March. Beach resorts get crowded between Christmas and February, with the most amount of people in January. January is the hottest month with temperatures sometimes above 30C or 86F. December and March are good months to visit if you want nice weather. Winter and spring can get chilly because of wind and rain, but temperatures ushally above freezing.




Candombe drum group Tambor Brujo doing there weekly drum line.

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