Shruti Anantharaman

A take on her rise from the ashes

Shruti Anantharaman, often a synonym for a person with a unique personality. She wasn't always like this, according to a dear friend of the prodigy. She was at first a reclusive young child, preferring the solitude of books instead of going out with friends. As she grew older, a new quality of hers was discovered, like a new facet of hers. She grew more outgoing, friendly and bubbly. Shruti became a multi- faceted person with so many personalities hidden within each other.  She lost her dear friend in a terrible accident in which she survived at the age of 17. Thus scarring her not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Everyone expected her to become reclusive.

She beat the odds to become a mysterious young lady with her own secrets to hide, but she kept her other facets of personality alive. Alas, she was different with each person. Bubbly and cheerful with one and then mysterious with another. She rediscovered a world of books that she had once been a part of. Shruti realized that there are other young children who were all alone in their lives and needed someone to be there for them.

That's when she invented Novelator. If the device was pointed paper, it would print a story on it, depending on the taste of the owner. She then went around the world teaching orphans and traumatized children to read and gave them Novelators. This is a true story of moving on from a horrible past to thrive like a phoenix from the ashes. Shruti now enjoys living in New York with her boyfriend and their pet dog. She's is now on the search for a new entrepreneurial adventure.

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