Knowledge of office decoration

Office is a place of daily work, has the ability to deal with specific issues and provide the corresponding service function, so in the office decoration design, be sure to highlight corporate culture, show the atmosphere of the company.Office decoration quality not only affects the work enthusiasm of employees, also affect the enterprise, the company's image. To create a warm and comfortable office environment can arouse the creativity of employees, improve work efficiency. I will show a few office decoration and

corporate space planning -

need to be aware of knowledge.

Office decoration design has three levels: the first layer is the economy, reduce the cost, but also meet the practicability of office.The second layer is ornamental. The staff works in a good environment with good mood.The third layer is the taste, the office as the carrier of enterprise culture plays the role of spreading the enterprise culture and spiritual culture, plays an important role in the staff's work enthusiasm.Appropriate use of low to high level requirements, make the function of office space and display the maximum utility.

Put some green plants or flowers in office.When are working can enjoy the beautiful scenery to adjust the depressed atmosphere of intense work.Have a special guest reception, which rooms to set up a small library, as an employee of daily learning and leisure place ,also be used as part of their daily conference room, office decoration must as far as possible concise, the light wants enough, air keeps circulate.

Office decoration is fine or not depends on dealing with the relationships of people, space, nature between the three.Therefore, perfect decoration is shown in three sides.First of all, is the position, the office carrying the enterprise culture, in order to create a good office environment must take the perspective of office, so that present the best effect.Furthermore, how about style? Office decoration has less grandiose, tries to choose simple but fashionable.What’s more, office decoration taste reflects the spirit of the enterprise. Unusual taste can give employees bring a positive influence.

The design of the corporate space planning needs to pay more attention to people's feelings, to take care of the person's psychology, physiological needs.About the main psychological needs is a sense of security, privacy and publicity.Office is the place where we stay long time expect our home. In addition to it also is the space of colleagues communication,so not only to highlight the company characteristic style, also should to construct a comfortable working environment for staffs.