The Five Themes of Geography
By Jake Lindsey


Definition: Specific city, state, country, or region

Synonym: position

Sentence: My house is in Rocky Mount, NC.


Definition: Refers to the ways we describe the cultural or physical characteristics of a location

Synonym: point

Sentence: Edwards Middle School is where I go to learn.


Definition: Refers to the way goods, ideas, and people travel from place to place

Synonym: migration

Sentence: There has been a lot of movement of people from Mexico to the U.S.

Human-Environmental Interaction

Definition: Refers to the way the earth appears as a result of how humans have changed it

Synonym: landscaping

Sentence: Landscaping is Human-Environmental Interaction because it involves changing the Earth.


Definition: Refers to groups of locations that share similar characteristics

Synonym: area

Sentence: We are in the South-Eastern region of the U.S.

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