Use Your Digital Boards For More Than Just Menu Display

Do you think that digital menu boards are only for announcing the food and drink choices available for the day? Think again, because the world has evolved much since those times with marketers experimenting with new uses for the e-displays almost every day. If your establishment has a menu board already installed, it is great news. Besides the announcement regarding the various menu items and specials, you can use it for a wide variety of other purposes too.

The medium constantly evolves to become an asset to the food service operators extending beyond the dynamic ability of menu item display, related changes, or updates. Engaging displays today have become the key differentiators for effective customer experience. Food establishments use it for making wait times easier and information regarding menu items among others.

Now you can connect with customers like never before

Different platforms converge together to create integrated experiences for customers as well as across the whole system. Many can connect to point of sales (POS) as and when your inventory is running low, you can automatically pull various items from menu boards while elevating customer disappointment and frustration. As the technology platforms become cloud oriented it becomes easier for the restaurants to integrate various systems bringing out a marked reduction in disruptions and disconnects.

Embrace one of the most cost-effective systems available

Who said that digital menus are expensive! Compared to your traditional displays the digital varieties ensure expense saving for the users. Market study shows that the charges related to the purchase and installation of these menus have markedly dropped in the last four years. Proliferation in available templates has also brought down the prices associated with content development and have made the process far speedier than before. Effects and graphics, which used to take high degree of skills and effort for development, are available widely these days in editable formats at reasonable prices.

Create killer content for maximum audience engagement

Inform, excite, and make your customers participate with the right content display on these digital boards. Cloud-based management has opened up the possibilities regarding content customization based upon customer context needs along with test performance. Customers love the highlights of local picks and quick update possibilities most as shown by the market studies. Create effective messages with as many edits as you like based upon how your audience responds to these. It's important to know that a message that works in a single location may not do so in another. Therefore location-based testing is important. What do your customers want? You can easily find it out through response studies.

Benefit most from the myriad design possibilities

When it comes to the digital menu board these do not conform to a single shape, size, or design. Myriad variations are available for the restaurants, which makes their selection and installation quite interesting. Nowadays, they have ceased to become an add-on but restaurateurs consider it as the part of design and architectural considerations of their establishment.

Do not let your menu board investment go waste. Explore this multifaceted technology up to the dregs by contacting the experts at TODAY!

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