my 3 interest

My favorite sport is wrestling.

I like to swim during the summer playing chicken off the diving boards with Vance with two little that girls that showed us up and beat us badly.

and most of all I love making da rice.

my job

I work at a Chinese restaurant for a living so I can pay my bills.

I am a waiter, I collect peoples orders and get them drinks I also run the cash register I usually get paid 7 dollars an hour and get to keep tips

my brudda and famiry

                                                 this is my brother  ^ the one on the right

My dads name is Thanh, and my moms name is Connie

3 stages of being asian #asian_invasion

my nephew, me, my cousins friend

My family owns a restaurant and my dad is a cook, while my mom is a waitress but she comes down to the kitchen to help my dad if I'm working

my friends

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I would probably use tackk to sell stuff if I ever need to sell merchandise