Soteria Systems
Leading Innovation in Hardware-Assisted Security

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Soteria Systems, LLC., an Atlanta-based startup in technology and innovation announces the launch of its ground-breaking cyber security products.

Soteria Systems, LLC, will hold a press conference and reception to reveal their pioneering, propriety suite of hardware-assisted cyber security solutions and products that protect computer systems and associated data; prevent data breaches, cyber-attacks, compromise of computer systems and cloud storage; and combat cyber-crimes by providing tangible evidence to law enforcement.

Soteria Systems LLC is a technology and innovation firm based in Atlanta, Georgia dedicated to providing new and advanced products to meet the world’s increasing data security demands. The company provides a ground-breaking suite of comprehensive hardware-assisted cyber security solutions and services that protect processed data and computer systems using pioneering technologies that include a hybrid use of hardware and software. Our distinct strength and core competency is that our solutions are hardware-based, allowing for uncompromising integrity. Append-only-Storage records all activity, behaviors and cannot be modified or redacted.