Canadian Shield Snowboarding in Action

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There are many different regions that make up Canada, but the Canadian shield is one of the best. The great scenery, the beautiful landscape, and the wonderful weather. And the greatest part about coming to this region is the amazing activities. Fishing, hunting, hiking, and snowmobiling, but out of all the activities snowboarding is the best. The natural element in the Canadian shield has all the requirements to have marvelous time snowboarding. The climate and the natural landscape already have the component of a becoming a spectacular snowboarding experience.

The Climate

The Climate of the Canadian shield prefley suit snowboarding. In the southern part of the Canadian shield, the average temperature in the winter is -18C, and in the summer it is 25C. But in the northern shield, it is very cold. In the winter 15C and in the summer it is -35C. In the Canadian shield, it gets 300 mm and 1600 mm of rain. Meaning in the winter, it gets cold and snows a great amount just enough to have a great time snowboarding

The Landscape

The landscape of the Canadian shield is great about skiing. About 250 million the plate tectonic plate crashed together and created a gigantic mountain more specifslly volcanic mountain. but throughout the years, it has eroded by wind, water, and other factors and become smooth hills. The smooth hills make the landscape a great effect for snowboarding, giving another reason why the Canadian shield is a great place to visit to go snowboarding. Speaking about volcanic mountain, the volcanic mountain appeared over 250 million years ago, it got compressed and created igneous and metamorphic rock that can be found all over the Canadian shield.

The Soil and Vegetation

Most of the Canadian Shield is made of Boreal and Taiga forest. The Boreal and Taiga forest is also the largest vegetable region in Canada, but mostly only consists of trees like coniferous trees and deciduous. Coniferous trees/evergreen doesn't lose their needles, but they don't go bare. Since the needles on the tree are acidic and the needles make the soil acidic. After that the rainfall and snow melt or wash away the soil and it starts to remove the deeper layers. With high levels of acidic and a lack of humus, it causes the soil to become infertile and unsuitable for agriculture. Althrough it might not be suitable for agriculture, there is more room for snowboarding.

Natural diseasters

A positive aspen of the Canada and the Canadian there has not been having a major natural disaster, like Toronto or hurricanes. But forest fires are a big issue. cross Canada, 9,000 to 12,000 forest fires occur annually, burning about 2 to 7 million hectares. Most forest fire is caused by human carelessness like unattendent campfires since the Canadian shield is also a great place to go camping in the summer.

Human opportunities

No matter where or what season you are in there is always something to do in the Canadian shield. In the summer, many people enjoy a vote on things. Since the Canadian shield in the summer it is hot, people love to go out and go to the big Fishing, hiking, and hunting is very popular. In the winter, people loves to go dog sled riding, fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. Both in summer and winter people hunt. They hunt moose, deer, snowshoe hares, caribous, and the arctic foxes.

What will happen if the climate changes?

Unfortunately, if the temperature increases the snow would start to melt and snowboarding or many other weather based business population would start to decrease. Increasing the temperature could cause a distant. Animals might have to leave the Canadian shield because they need the cold weather to survive. But the summer recreational opporunites population would increase as well.


At last,  Canadian shield consists of many aspects. Many different experiences, journeys, and  adventures all in one place. It is a great place to visit with all your friends and family. Hopefully you come and joining us!

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