Objectives for this PLC

Be prepared to share your thoughts and critical reflections throughout!

What is a flipped classroom?

Here are a few images I like regarding the pedagogy behind a flipped classroom. One aspect that I feel is particularly important is accountability; knowing that every student has accessed the material before class and reflected on it in some way. By flipping the classroom students are able to digest background information at their own pace and explore topics beyond the curriculum; something they cannot do in class. Class time can then be dedicated towards more extensive AfL, collaborative activities and developing higher-order thinking skills, giving the teacher more time for individual and directed support.

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Resources & Journal Articles

An overview of research into the area of Flipped Learning (Case Studies and Action Research), click the link below. I particularly recommend the 'Review of Flipped Learning' by the FLN and Aaron Sams' book. Resources include introductions to the pedagogy, then moves onto books and published resesearch. You can also find the literature review I conducted into this area, as part of a larger MA assignment, below.

Research by TeacherView

Some useful tools

Whilst accountability may involve the generation of content to bring to class, the following tools allow you to access assessment data BEFORE students arrive to class. Questions to think about before deciding on a strategy: Would you rather use a single all-encompassing app? How will you share resources? What style of assessment would you like to use? Will you go as far as creating your own content/video?

All encompassing platforms

Sharing resources


Great video content

(I have subscribed to all of these, thus quality-controlled. May be more suitable for Secondary; although those raising Big Questions may be great for Primary)

Want to create your own videos?

Below are a few suggestions/tutorials for how you can create your own video lessons. An easy way to start would be to create a screencast lesson, using Quicktime (iMAC) or Explain Everything (iPad). With the iPad it becomes easy to video yourself and edit later on. How about uploading your own videos to YouTube to combine with Zaption, for example?

AfL Activities

In addition to regular AfL classroom acitivites, you might consider these digital ones...

Other useful apps for homework

Here are a few other tools I find useful for students to use to demonstrate their pre-learning.

Want to know more about Tackk?

You can use Tackk to create a media stream; particularly useful for presenting material in a linear order. You can even embed ThingLinks, SlideShares and other media into one. To use it for a flipped lesson you could embed a range of media on a topic, then create a button link to a Google Form for assessment. Below is an example of how I have used it for Y7 Science revision. My next step is to use it for flipping lessons where I want to present thought-provoking material and ask open-ended questions.

Explore more ideas

If you would like to explore more apps, feel free to explore my website below (under construction: please email me with new ideas!). Do let me know if you find an interesting or imaginative way to use a tool in the classroom; I like to gain inspiration from others and share!

Questions for lesson design

Reflect on your experiences

Reflect critically on your experiences of Flipped Learning and share with others. Write for a wider audience using Blogger (part of the Google suite) or Wordpress, then share your post/s on Twitter using the hash tags #GISLearning and #gisPLfriday. You can also upload links easily to BlueSky.