Anne Frank Tackk

Truitt Briggs Period 4

I think Peter is becoming very anxious to be free. He wants to leave the annex because he doesn't know whats the point for. He doesn't know why we need to stay in the annex because somebody knows that there in hiding and where. "That's fine! But when I begin to think. I get mad! Look at us. Hiding out for two years. Not able to move! Caught here like . . . waiting for them to come and get us . . . and all for what?" (pg.952) Then Anne is trying to tell him that people have it worse then them because they were separated as soon as the war started. They didn't have two years like them. They were lucky and Anne knew that. She knew that it was a good chance they wouldn't make it out but she never gave up hope like Peter did and Anne was trying to give him hope. "We're not the only people they've had to . . . sometimes one race. .. .sometimes another . . .  and yet . . ." (pg.952) The purpose of this conversation was to calm Peter down and try to give him hope because you could either spend the rest of your time in the annex miserably or trying to make the best of it. Anne wants Peter to believe that they will be free one day and that they won't be sent to concentration camps. Anne believes that too because she wants to grow up and become a important person like a dancer etc. I chose this image because it was in the annex and when you look at it you get the sensation of hiding. You feel like that was the first sunlight you have seen in days. Like Anne and Peter did. They wanted to be able to breathe fresh air again and be free.

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