types of cool kids

We all most likely have different types of cool kids in our school. there are the popular kind , the cool nerds , the preppy people , the stylish , and infinity and beyond . I will search the web to find out how they think , how they became so called '' cool ''.

what is cool ?

I put my research together and came up with my own definition of cool . cool , being mostly recognized by anyone and being known for something like : athletic , cute  smart , pretty , preppy , and popular . they most all have there little group of people.  

my experience with cool kids

we have a lot of cool kids at my school. I can tell that they are not themselves. they act different around other people. they feel as if they are not going to be cool if they are themselves. they use prophanity  to be'' cool '' they feel they can be mean and nothing will happen . honestly to me they don't even care about there grades just about how to remain cool. that's how cool kids at my school act . there are different types at every school.

why do they think they are cool ?

my research  tells me that they are over self confident and they think they can pull anything off. then they find people like them and make a so called '' cool group ''the group always hangs out and then they are all over self confident and say that they are cool.

how do cool kids act ?

cool kids act ..... well cool. they only hang out with other cool kids . most of them don't even bother with being nice and considerate of other because they are to caught up with being ''cool''. there are some '' cool kids'' are acturally nice , I know a girl that is considered cool and she is reall nice , but that's really rare .in conclusion cool kids act mostly like they don't care.

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