Secret Service Project
                       By: Katelyn S.

 Do you like helping people? I certainly do. That is why I did the Secret Service Project. Helping people makes me feel good inside. How about you? Some small things are quick and easy and can make someones day.

 Are you wondering what the Secret Service Project is? Well, the Secret Service Project is a project that my whole class was challenged to do. We had to do a nice thing for someone everyday for a week. First, I had to make a plan and target the people I would do it for. I accepted the challenge and did a kind thing for someone everyday. Some things I did were helped make lunch, make my sister a snack, helped my little sister with an nosebleed, made my breakfast, let sister borrow shirt, took out trash, and did homework without being asked.

  Who did this impact, you ask? This project has impacted many of my family members. They were all impressed with what I did. Some of the people I impacted were my dad, my sister, my aunt, and Mrs. Deborah.These are all people I truly love. They have done so much in the past for me, so I need to return the favor.

Are you wondering how this changed me? Well, this project helped me realize a little thing can make a big impact in someones everyday life. I think I will keep trying to do  these nice things for people, and will make many other peoples' day. I certainly like  doing this for people and will try to make peoples' day.

I really enjoyed doing this project. I think it has impacted me and will many others. If I continue this, I can make the world a better place little by little, person by person. If this were to spread I could make my mark on the World like many other people already have.

These are a few little things other people did to make peoples days. They made a big impact on other by small deeds everyday.

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