Respiratory System (Leah and Chloe's Group)

Without the respiratory system you wouldn't be able to breathe. Your respiratory system is vital, without it you would die.

Your respiratory system is made up of your lungs, diaphragm, and trachea. Your bronchial tubes are a narrow as a strand of hair. Your lungs expand and contract, supplying air to your body and removing a waste called carbon dioxide.

The Steps of Breathing

You inhale air into your nose or mouth, and it travels down the back of your throat and into your windpipe, or trachea. Your trachea then divides into air passages called bronchial tubes. Then as it passes through the lungs the air goes into your alveoli. There it passes through your alveoli into your bloodstream.After absorbing oxygen, the blood leaves your lungs and is carried to your heart. As the cells use the oxygen, carbon dioxide is produced and is put back into your lungs, where the cycle repeats.

Fun Facts

-Your right lung is slightly larger than the left

-You have over 300 million alveoli or air sacks

~Breathing rate is faster in women and children than it is in men

~The more you breathe the hungrier you get thats why you're hungry after practice

~People with larger lungs can send air throughout your body faster you can get bigger lungs with exercise

~If your lungs where layed out flat they would cover a tennis court

How smoking affects your lungs

Smoking is bad for your lungs because when you smoke on a cigarette chemicals enter your lungs and pollute them. The smoke ruins your nose hairs, unable to catch bacteria that enters through your nose. The smoke causes your lungs to stop working, too much plaque entering. Your lungs shut down and turn a dark shade of grey. Smoking also damages all of your organs you need to live. It ruins your pelvis, hurts your lungs and messes up your liver. If you keep smoking you will eventually die. Lets say you have been smoking for 5 years. You just stopped today and you want to know if your lungs will heal. eventually they will, but if you stopped after smoking in like 10 years you'd die. Lets get to the point. Smoking is bad for you. Even though it is addicting, you will pay a price for it.

Why the respiratory systems the most important

If your lungs where not here it was just your other systems then well lets start what would happen to your whole body your blood would have no air or oxygen because your blood comes to pass through your lungs when it does that your blood "asks" for air if your lungs are not there no air for the rest of your body.

Air is the one resource your body can't store and air is the one resource  your body needs all the time so you could not store enough air

The respiratory system is the best because we absolutely need it. It is vital to our body. It is an organ we need to live. It allows us to breath. Your respiratory system cleans out bacteria in your lungs so that you could breath. Without your lungs you'd die because we all need to breath. The windpipe carries oxygen to your lungs so that they could function properly. Everyday your lungs allow you to breath. In my opinion they do the most work and that they work the hardest.