Class Narrative #3

Maddie Williams, D Block, October 15th, 2013

Last week during theatre class, we did different improv games encorporating Stanislavski's ideas about objectives and superobjectives. In this activity, we had to develop a short scene that incorporated these ideas into our scenes. We were given our given circumstances, and my group's was that we were in a doctor's office, with the doctor delivering the patient bad news. Obviously, the main point of this activity was to incorporate Stanislavski's ideas into a scene, and learn how they are used practically in theatre. But we also used these ideas to improve our improv skills and to have fun while performing in front of the class. In my group, which consisted of myself, Stef, Nina, Dan Kamb, and Claire, Dan Kamb was pregnant, and his objective was to give birth to his triplet children, while his superobjective was to be a good father. Similarly, Stef, as Dan Kamb's girlfriend, primarily wanted to help Dan Kamb prepare to be a father, while her superobjective was to be a good mother. Nina wanted to get the point across that Dan Kamb truly was pregnant, while her superobjective was to be taken seriously. Opposite Nina, Claire wanted to convince all of us that Dan Kamb was NOT pregnant, while her superobjective was to take over Nina's job. Last, I, as Dan Kamb's mother, wanted to kick Dan Kamb out of my life for compromising my morals, while my superobjective was to deal with the stress that Dan Kamb's pregnancy caused me. I really enjoyed doing this scene, and I thought it was hilarious and it went well. However, I need to work on not relying on the same sorts of characters every time we do an improv- i.e. someone who is very loud and boisterous, someone with an accent, or some parody of a typical stereotype. In short, I think that I need to step more out of my comfort zone during improvs. I felt that the IB learner profile trait I showed during this lesson was being a communicator. In my group, we all had a lot of different ideas that we all wanted to get across at one time. Even though this type of situation overwhelms me normally, I was able to focus and get my ideas across clearly. If I hadn't calmed down and focused on communicating my ideas clearly and confidently, perhaps our skit wouldn't have gone as well as it did.