Octavia Minor caught in rift between brother and husband

by: Emily Adair

                  A statue of Octavia, located in Rome.

ROME, ITALY, 37 B.C.E-  As of yesterday, Octavia Minor struggles to keep the peace between Octavius and Marc Antony after civil unrest between the two men. Octavia has said that it was a marriage of convenience to Antony as a peace treaty. Her brother, Octavius, and her husband, Antony, have been rumored to be losing trust in each other.

Speculations have been confirmed and Rome is on the brink of a civil war. Things have been tense between Octavius, who rose to power after the murder of Julius Caesar, and Antony.

Under a peace treaty, Octavia has recently wed to Antony. Some people of Rome believe that Antony is in an affair with the pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra, but that has yet to be known.

Octavia is experienced in closing arguments between relatives. She, herself, has three children from a previous marriage to Gaius Marcellus. Many citizens of Rome speculate Octavia is pregnant with a child of Antony.

An unnamed close relative of Octavia states: "I have complete faith that she can keep tension low between Octavius and Marc Antony. There is no need to worry. She can fend for herself!"

Another classified citizen said, "As people of Rome, we shouldn't be too hard on her. The stress of the model couple image with Antony and raising three children with one on the way is bad enough. It is unwise to give Octavia the opinions of the Roman people."

Home and Gardens:
Art and Architecture
by: Emily Adair

POMPEII, ITALY- She crouches low to the ground, painting the last few strokes on the vineyard scene. Paint stains her hands, and her brow is furrowed in concentration.

"It's a fresco." She says proudly. Her name is Fabia Livius the Younger, a apprentice working in Pompeii. "I'm trying to create a scene as realistic as possible. It's been a work in progress for a while now."

Livius points to a crowd of craftsmen like herself a short distance away. "They wanted me to work with concrete for the Coliseum and such. I was told I could create sound arches and roofs, but I like Pompeii much better."

"The art community had experienced an upheaval when the newest craftsmen had brought in concrete. And while building, it was certainly clear of the Greek and Etruscan influence. But I like to stick to the true Roman colors of red, black, and white. And it's not just for my frescoes. It's the statues as well. Hyper-realistic."

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