Music Resume

NAME: Gina Godwin


INSTRUMENT: Tenor Saxophone, Piano, Pit/Percussion


Academics: Magruder Elementary School, Queens Lake Middle School, Bruton High School (up to current grade).

Music: Cathy Combs- Classic Piano (since 2008). Mr. Patterson- Tenor Saxophone (2010-2013) Ms. Townsend- Tenor Saxophone, Jazz Piano (2013-present) Bryan Peters- Pit/Percussion (2014-)

ABOUT ME: I started taking piano lessons in the 4th grade. While doing so, I participated in 2 festivals and received a superior rating my first year, and an excellent my second and then studied for two years before joining the band as well. A year later, I joined the Jazz band and stayed until the end of 8th grade. In that year, I got a soloist award, an excellent rating for a grade 3 piece and was named most outstanding woodwind in jazz. When I joined Bruton’s band I joined jazz band my freshman year, it was then that I really understood what a love for music was and fell in love with not only band as an activity, but my horn itself. So In order to play more, I joined every extracurricular band available to me. This included Jazz Band, Indoor Drumline, and Pit Orchestra. At the end of the year I was awarded 9th grade most outstanding musician.

GOALS AND EXPECTATIONS: For my student to create memories with their horn. They say that music can take you far, but you have to work to get there. The memories that I have had in band and with music in general are ones that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Music should also be spread. I want my student to want to share their music not only to feel good about themselves, but to make others feel good as well. I want to establish a love for music in my student and in everyone else I know. I also want to make sure they know all their fundamentals before pushing themselves into more than they can handle. Also I want them to become Best Musician in their grade.

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