Come to the trenches of France!

Lice can develop in your scalp, the nape of your neck and over your ears.

Lice can live on clothing and bedding, and chest hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Why should you come to the trenches?

If you're looking for a dirty place, with dirty people, come to the trenches!

People live there all the time and do all their activities, so you will have no problem taking your time and attaching to them!

So many people to live off of, in conditions that you enjoy!

The soldiers, that could house you, that live here, eat, sleep, fight, and go to the bathroom all in the same area!

The dirtier, The better

Three Types of Lice

Head lice: Attach eggs to the base of the hair shaft (lots of greasy hair for you!)

Body lice: Live and lay eggs on clothing (lots of dirty clothing for you!)

Public lice: Found in eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, mustache, chest and armpits (lots of dirt infested, unclean body hair for you!)

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