Human Geography & Star Wars

                                     By Breanna McDonald 5th Period :)

                Why I chose this movie ??

I have a lot of favorite movies, but when I finally narrowed it down it had to be Star Wars. Growing up as a kid, my Dad would play this movie and we would watch it together. I had my own lightsaber (it was blue by the way) and  with it I would pretend I was a Jedi and defeat the emperor. Some people might look at this movie and automatically think that its ''boring'' or really nerdy, but I think its one of the greatest movie series ever because of the action. It shows all the characters perspectives and each character has their own little thing going on. Star Wars just has amazing plots and its a great story line.

P.S : I'm trying to get my cousin to be really into Star Wars (he's 3 btw) and I bought him a lightsaber so we've been playing what he calls ''Jedi'' and its basically us waving around our lightsabers pretending that where killing the ''monsters'' . Its pretty funny :)