Trip to council grove lake with Caleb.

This is the lake we are gonig to

Day 1. On day one we will wake up and drive to the lake on the way we will jam out to music. When we get there we will set up camp and eat lunch. After lunch we will go jet skiing on the lake we will hit big waves and have a good time. After jet skiing we will eat supper and play cards we will then sit around the fire

Had fun on the lake today.

Day 2. On day two we will sleep in after that we will eat some breakfast. Then we will take the canoes out on the water. We will go every were on the lake. After that we will eat lunch. After lunch we will go on the boat to tube. We will throw each other of the tubes. Then we will eat supper. After that we will sit by the fire.

Had fun with Caleb canoeing today.

Day 3. On day three we will sleep in again. When we wake up we will eat breakfast. After that we will go swimming of the dock. Then we will pack up and go to sonic and after that  we will go home.

Sonic was good!