Mexico status chart
Mexican flag

This is a very cool flag! It was made in September 6, 1968. The red in the flag stands for the all the blood shed of mexian heroes.  The white stands for mexian peace and harmony. The green stands for hope and prosperity. A Aztec God told them to build a city where they saw a eagle on a nopal eating a serpent.

Cinco De Mayo  is a beautiful holiday. It is on May 5th. The celebration of there independence in 1862. The women wear beautiful dresses and the men where suits. They dance and sing all day.

The dia de los muertos is a big holiday in Mexico. It is on November 1-2. Family's gather and pray for there friends and family that has passed. They color there face like a skeleton. And it has been going on for 100 years.

Las Posadas is a holiday that is celebrated for nine days. It is celebrated December sixteenth through twenty-sixth. It is has been a tradition for four-hundred years. It's is celebrated for the pregnancy of Mary. It is a big holiday in Mexico.

Hernando Cortes was a big part of Spain and Mexico. He was born in 1485. He was a Spanish conquistador. He won against Aztec empire to claim Mexico for Spain. He died in 1518.

Montezuma was a big part of the Aztec tribe. Montezuma was born in 1480. He died in 1520. He was trained by a priest and was the leader in 1502. Within a few years of his death the Spanish took over the Aztec tribe.

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