Images Of God

November 22,2013


I see that this God as tender sister, sometimes don't. I love the image of a tender mother because I don't usually think of God as a female. A female God can be portrayed as caring and loving and protective like a mother. However, I don't always see God "With you I can accept challenges." Sometimes I feel as if God is not with me when I need to accept those challenges. When I'm having a hard time it feels as if God is not there to comfort me. I really think that God knows me like no other. I might be one of the many human beings of this world, so I might not matter, but I still feel that God knows me well. This kind of God wants to tell me hat I'm important and I can always depend on him or her. "With you I can enter life's woes" is a good line because when I go throughout something that makes me sad I turn to God for help. I had people in my life that are like this God. My mother who is tender, she takes care of me. She's loving and with me every time. She's there for me when I'm sad and when I'm scared or heartbroken. She gives me advice when I need it. With her "I can accept challenges."

Tender Sister

Gracious Creator

This is a very beautiful prayer that is thanking God for getting created and our existence. This prayer is thanking God and appreciating for creating us. Everything that we are made of, every atom and every cell was created by God and that's how we function,thanks to him. I thank God for that everyday he is my creator and he made me. This prayer is also a thanks to God of being with us in spirit. Being our when we need him. The effect of his graciousness is seen through all our body. My parents are also my creator, thanks to them I was born. Thanks to them my heart beats, I take breaths and I was created by love. "My thankful spirits fills with wonder " is a thanks to God, I feel his creating all throughout my body. I can be cured when strength and health renew. This god wants to feel me that he is my creator and I should be thankful to him. That I should love him with all I got.

Peace bringer

The God that is described in this prayer is not always the. God that brings peace to war between people. He is a kind of God who brings peace inside of us, when we have inner conflict in our heart or mind. This God is the God who helps us and cures our bitterness and resentment. With his kindness and love and care he will bring leave to out angry hearts. This kind of God tells me to be a good and a happy person. Don't think about hate or ravage, just think about love and care. He tells me to not be bitter towards anyone even if they're my animates or made me mad. He tells me not let little things bother me and make me angry. This kind of God can only be in me. I have do my best and let anger take over. I can see that kind of God in me today, when I'm mad but I can control myself. When I get in to fight with my parents or friends or someone makes me mad I can hold myself back if I try hard enough. I don't a grudge for a long time ether. I forgive people easily. Sometimes it's a bad thing because I have been take advantage of in the past because of that. I want to experience this kind of God every time


God, you are my peace bringer

You come inside and bring peace to my heart.

Free me from anger, hate, and jealousy

Be with me when I'm not myself

Make sure I don't harm anyone or have bad thoughts

Don't let there be feud inside my heart

I only wish for goodness in my heart

So please God, be there when I need you

Because I fully dedicate myself to you

Peace Brineger

Tender sister, be with me

Hold me in your arms and comfort me

Love me more than anyone

Bring joy to my heart and make me happy

Make me feel better when I'm down

Protect me for any harm that may come upon me

I want to join with and be one with me

Your heart and my heart

Your hands and my hands

turn with gratitude to you my tender sister

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