Meredith College

Raleigh, North Carolina

Facts about Meredith College!

Meredith College was originally name Baptist Female University and was founded by Thomas Meredith in 1891. Meredith College was designed to be a higher education institution for female students. The first graduating class had 10 students which are remembered as the "Immortal 10". Renamed Meredith College in 1909, this private college now has nearly 2,000 women in attendance and over over 90 majors and concentrations.

Above is a campus map of Meredith College. Unique feature of the campus include the four original dorms which for the "Quad", Jones Chapel, and McIver Amphitheater.

Infused into Meredith College is tradition! Whether it be odd classes competing against even classes in Cornhuskin', dancing the night away with your Guardian Angel, or celebrating four years at Wonderland with your Lil Sis you will always find something to treasure at Meredith College!

Watch the video above to learn more about Meredith College!

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