Chapter 4: Planning Your Trip
Serra Ersoy
May 23, 2014


I want to plan a trip from Vienna to Edinburgh, Scotland. I will compare the difference between time and mileage that it takes to arrive there by plane and by car. Then I will find if there is another place to live that I can travel to Edinburgh by car in less time than it will take me to fly to Edinburgh from Vienna.  

-  The distance between Vienna and Edinburgh is 2,105 km.

- To figure the time traveled by plane, I used the format "distance=rate*time (t)" I also had to be at the airport 2 hours early. I put in my numbers in, "2,105 km= 830 * t". This came out to be "2,105=830 t+2 hrs" and that simplified to "2.54 = t+2 hrs" which finals to t=4.54 hours.

-  To figure out the time traveled by car, using the same format, I put in my numbers which was "2,105 km = 100*time" which simply came out to be "21.05 hours = t".

- I wanted to find out what the farthest distance I could live from Edinburgh, and still get there faster by car, which needed to take less than 4.54 hours. Using Google, I checked on different cities and found that Rhyl seemed to be the best place to live and was 435 km from Edinburgh.

- To prove this, I used the expression "435=100km/hr*t" which showed that Rhyl was 4.35 hours from Edinburgh (4.35=t).

- Therefore, the time it takes by car from Rhyl to Edinburgh is less than the time it takes from Vienna to Edinburgh. (4.35<4.54)

In conclusion, I found a city called Rhyl where I could live and drive to Edinburgh in slightly less time than it would take me to fly there from Vienna.

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