Adrian Peterson
By Jonas Bradney


         Have you ever wondered who were some of the top prospects for the 2007 NFL Draft? Well one of those guys were Adrian Peterson. Getting selected as the 7th overall pick in the 1st round is pretty big. Adrian proved that he would make Minnesota proud as the starting RB (running back) for the Vikings.

What Was His Early Life Like?

         Adrian Peterson was born on March 21, 1985 in Palestine, Texas. Around age 7, Peterson’s brother Brian past away after getting in a car crash with a drunk driver. 6 years later his dad got arrested for drug dealing. Adrian went to Oklahoma University to play football for the Sooners. His parents were both athletes, but broke up shortly after his birth. He is 1 of 15 kids in his family.

How Did He Make It to The NFL?

         In his final game as a senior, he ran for 350 yards with 6 touchdowns. As a senior, he had 2,960 rushing yards. He won the High School Player of the Year Award. Adrian Peterson ran for 183 yards in his 2nd collegiate game with the Sooners. He also topped the 200 mark with 1,925 rushing yards. He placed 2nd in the 2004 Heisman Trophy race. In his 1st game in the NFL he ran for 100 yards and a touchdown.

What Were Some of His Accomplishments?

         Adrian Peterson won many awards and medals. Including: a 3 time Pro Bowl selection in a row. He broke the record for the highest paid running back in NFL history, getting paid 36 million a month. He won the NFL MVP Award (most valuable player).


         Adrian Peterson proved that when he was born he had athletes blood. Even though his role model Brian died when Adrian was 7, Peterson managed to pull off that anger in football. If Adrian didn’t choose to play football, who would be the starting running back for the Minnesota Vikings.