Video Game Designers. What do they do?

Game designers, they're those people who you scream at when the game's too hard. Or something doesn't work right. Although, they're the same people who gave you that really good feeling when you KO'd that first boss.

Video game designers make not just characters and objects (as seen above). But they also write the plot and scenarios that happens in-game, the environments of said game, including gameplay, structures, rules, and how the character wins or loses.

But they don't just do that, they also do as previously mentioned, animating the characters is still a big part of it. Considering that's what the final result is made of, they also use coding to get certain things to work. They also edit the gameplay of how things work, how you move, how you attack, and do other things.

Something else they do, other than almost literally EVERYTHING. Is the thing that you probably ignore, but also rely on. The UI. Or User Interface, how easily you want your system / game to be navigated below is an easy example. Click play multiplayer to.. well play with multiple players! This is an important part of the design, because if you can't even START the game, how are you going to play it?

As previously stated, Character design is one of the most important design features of the game, because if you want your hardcore edgy military shooter to be awesome, you can't have them running around looking like potatoes with shotguns. Character design is one of the most looked at parts of game design. It's basically what it sounds like, designing multiple characters to be in the game. This can range from extensive sheets of paper describing each characters individual look, to just summarizing what you want in the character, then having someone draw it for you. Here's an example of the various changes a character can go through while they're making these designs, with the "Demoman" from the game above, Team Fortress 2.

Now to what's on the rubric. The "Typical Day" for a game designer, would probably start off with a meeting with the other designers to collaborate on script ideas, designs and appearances for locations, characters, etc. Then the person works on said designs that they agreed on, then to show them *again* how it looks, just to make things right. Then after that meeting, he has to make sure the rules and implications are all balanced, and not broken in any ways. Then he has to go to another meeting to write the dialogue for the character they previously came up with. After they do that, then doing another check of the designs and implications of the game. Our game designer calls it a day. <- An ad for a level designer.

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