Six Children Rights That You Need To Know About

India is a rich country filled with lots of natural resources and abundant human life. It is a land of opportunities for industrialists and entrepreneurs. Yet, much of the Indian population continues to lie in the glooms of poverty and ignorance.

Poverty has gripped India from within and is severely affecting the lower sections of the society. Many people are forced to pick up menial jobs, owing to lack of education and skills. The worst effects of poverty are experienced by small children, who are forced to give up school and pick up trivial jobs. They do not get sufficient food and are exploited at every level in the society.

Child labour is a crime, but there are many other children rights in India, which are rarely known to individuals. These rights have been defined by the Convention of the Child Rights and they target six basic necessities of every child.

1> Right To Education

Most of the children in India do not get an opportunity to take basic education till Class 10. The key reason behind this continues to be poverty. Parents are unable to pay the fees of the schools and as a result children dropout. In order to tackle this, Government of India has made basic education free and compulsory for children. Moreover, special rights have been bestowed to educate the female child.

2> Right to Nutrition

There are over 53 Million malnourished children lying on the face of this country. The Government has launched many schemes to distribute free meals to kids. Yet, the number keeps on rising day after day. Every child has the right to nutrition, health and care. The Indian Government has taken special care to provide medical facilities to children, along with several mid-day meal programs.

3> Right To Express

Every kid is bestowed with the right to express his thoughts and ideas. No one can disallow or suppress a kid from implementing this right. This right gives kids an equal importance in family. Any form of suppression done by elders is punishable by law.

4> Right Of Protection

Any atrocities committed against children are condemnable by law. Many young children are forcefully pushed into child labour. They are made to work in inhuman conditions and are paid very little. This injustice done against them is illegal and violates the charter of child rights.

5> Right to Name

Children should not be treated as items or commodities. They should have an identity of their own, and the government helps them in establishing it. Similarly, every child born in India is considered as it citizen and has the right to enjoy all the benefits offered by the Government.

6> Right to Recreation

All children are born free and have the right to play and enjoy. Government has held up this right by constructing several gardens and parks in various areas. Any child should not be kept away from such recreational activities.

These are some of the basic child rights in India, which are required to be protected.