Ancient Egypt Religion

                                                          What is it?

Lets find out what it is... []

                                            This religion had many gods.

I wont explain all of them, though. []


                                           There were a few main gods

The first god is Re, the sun god.

The second god is Horus, the sky god.

The third god is Osiris, the god of death/underworld.

The fourth god is Amon, god of life.





             There were also a few others. Each town had their own personal god.

This was the temple for Ancient Egypt. This is where the people worshiped. The temples were big, flat, and rectangular. There were very few decorations and each temple was a little different. The public worshiped in the front of the temple, with only the priests allowed in the sanctuary for the gods. []

The people would worship in their homes a lot also. They would worship daily. In their homes they would worship the gods that helped them in the daily life, not the big gods. That meant they worshiped many gods throughout the day.


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