Leader of the National Party of Australia

John Duncan Anderson AO is an Australian politician whose distinguished political career within the Commonwealth spanned nearly two decades and he was also honored in 2011 as the recipient of Officer of the Order of Australia for distinguished service during his political career and his contribution to the rural communities in Australia, as well as his support for transportation development and water management.

He also held the position of the 10th Leader of the National Party of Australia during his time as Deputy Prime Minister. In 2005 he declared his pension and reconciled from his roles as Deputy PM and the Nationwide Celebration innovator, but stayed on as MP in the Home of Associates (Gwydir) until his pension in 2007.

The former politician is constantly on the devote his time advertising and providing the passions of Australia’s non-urban and local areas. David Andersen is currently the Seat of the Government Government’s INLAND RAIL Execution Team, a muti-million money Queensland to Victoria rail venture.

John Anderson was born in 1956 in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. However, he comes New South Wales from a family of grazers and landowners in northern New South Wales dating back several generations to the 1840s. Although some would say Anderson’s child years were one of benefit, it was moved by disaster. His mom passed away of melanoma, when he was child. At the age of 14, David Anderson was engaged in a harmful incident that murdered his sis Her. She was seated on a regular outside enjoying with her cat, while David was experiencing a lawn activity of cricket with his dad. David hit the cricket football which taken toward his sis, stunning her in the back again of the throat and immediately eliminating her.

Knowing it was the best thing at time, John's father sent the teen coming back to getting on school before his sister's commemoration. As per Anderson, the event was never again specified between them. While at getting on school he wanted importance in Jane's death toll and the destination of life. It was amid now he turned into a Religious professor, which would altogether influence his promising new administrative perspective.

In the wake of finishing his insight at The King's School, Anderson joined the University of Modern Australia making an Expert of Artistry level. John Anderson was exhibited to his promising new mate, Julia, through basic amigos. In a gathering he shows returning on the day he satisfy her, "Yes, I reached her in Armidale and I settled on the choice that mid-day that she was the woman that I sought to get married to, yet she took a bit longer to persuade."

John and Julie were married and have five children: Jessica, Nicholas, Georgina, Laura and Andrew. Their fifth child, Andrew, suffered from Down’s syndrome and passed away at the early age of seven months. National Party As a farmer and grazier, John Anderson became an active member of the National Party of Australia in his twenties. This set the stage for his future career in politics. For more information visit the site http://johnandersonao.com/ .

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