Ancient Egypt

by cadet A.Muse

The Pyramids of Egypt that hold ancient tombs of pharohs.

This is a picture of ancient Egypt pyramids that Egyptians built for the pharohs and thier royal queens and kings. When these famous people died they were put in tombs (like a coffin). These tombs were mostly made for the pharohs, kings, and queens. There was also a god who was responsible for preparing the mummy who was known as Anubis. Anubis was the only one who could perform the steps in making the mummy. But the god would put natron salt to keep the mummy's skin in tact. That's why scientists know what they looked like. There are about eighty pyramids from ancient Egypt. The three largest and best-preserved of these were built at Giza, in the beginning of old kingdom. Gods were the most unpredictable people in ancient egypt history. They could bring a storm or a food for everybody. They lived lives that were very much like those of the people who worshipped them. They were very much feared but they were also gods to be loved. But did you know that Egytians very loved to talk about the wonderful gods and godesses. They were very much know for storytelling. Storytelling was also called epics to. Most were for morals, educating and entertaining. Ancient egypt has many many mysteries. Scientists are still finding things inside the pyramids too. What else is there to find?

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