The Texas Revolution

October 2, 1835 – April 21, 1836 The Texas Revolution began when colonists (primarily from the United States) in the Mexican province of Texas rebelled against the increasingly centralist Mexican government.

The First shot was fired

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Causes and effects of the Texas Revolution:

The Alamo:

The Beginning of the Revolution


*  FIC CUA   Journey to Gonzales by: Melodie Cuate

*  REF 976.4 HAR  Texian Iliad: A military history of the Texas Revolution by: Stephen L Hardin

*  976.4 SCH Forgotten Battlefield of the First Texas Revolution: The Battle of Medina      August 18, 1813 by: Ted Schwartz

*  976.4 MOO  Texas rising: the epic true story of the Lone Star Republic and the rise of the Texas rangers, 1836 - 1846 by: Stephen L Moore

* 976.4 UNI Texas and the American Revolution by: University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio



The causes of the Texas Revolution


976.4 ROD Leaders in the Texas Revolution: United for a cause by: Kelly Rodgers

976.4 CHR For the Love of Texas. Tell me about the revolution! by Betsy Christian

976.4 PEN With Santa Anna in Texas: a personal narrative of the revolution by: Jose Enrique De la Pena

976.4 HAR Causes and effects of the Texas Revolution by: Therese Harasymiw

HIS FIC WIS All for Texas: a story of Texas Liberation by Clifton Wisler

REF 976.4 HAR Texian Iliad: A military History of the Texas Revolution by Stephen Hardin



The Battle of the Alamo


976.4 STE  The Alamo, March 6, 1836 by: Mark Stewart

976.4 MOU  The Alamo : the battle for Texas by: Shane Mountjoy

976.4 HOG The Alamo by: Mary Ann Hoffman

976.4 LEV The Alamo : a primary source history of the legendary Texas mission              By: Janey Levy

976.4 BEL  The siege of the Alamo : soldiering in the Texas revolution by: Susan Provost Beller

976.4 WAR Alamo : victory or death on the Texas frontier by: Karen Clemens Warrick

HIS FIC LOV  I remember the Alamo BY: D. Anne Love


AV 976.4 ALA The Alamo [videorecording] : American Heritage Presents the Alamo

Defending the Alamo:

Remember the Alamo:

TX independence and the battle of the Alamo:

Unsolved History:


Battle of San Jacinto


976.40 POH The Battle of San Jacinto by: James W. Pohl

976.4 RIC Road to San Jacinto

976.4 GON  Sam Houston, hero of San Jacinto by: Catherine Troxell Gonzalez

976.4 MOO Texas rising : the epic true story of the Lone Star Republic and the rise of the Texas Rangers, 1836-1846 by: Stephen L Moore

FIC CUA  Journey to San Jacinto by: Melodie A. Cuate


AV 976.4 VIS Republic of Texas 1836 - 1846

AV 976.4 VIS Causes of the Texas Revolution  by: Therese Harasymiw


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