Marriage of Jacob and Eshal

By: Natalie Giordano

"Speak now or forever hold your peace...."

Jacob's mom: "Jacob! Don't do this you're making a huge mistake! You know those Muslims tried to take our holy land!"

Jacob's dad: "Listen to your mother, Jacob. You deserve so much better than Eshal!"

Uncle David: "Why do you think there is a wall between Israel and Palestine, they're not safe!"

Jacob's mom: "You tried to take over our land!"

Eshal's dad:  "Jerusalem is rightfully ours!"

Jacob's mom: "God promised Abraham that he and his descendants would inherit the land of Israel as an eternal possession so you're wrong!"

Eshal's mom: "Let them be happy! We should be celebrating the marriage of Jacob and Eshal, not fighting."

Aunt Flo: "Oh be quiet, this marriage will be a disaster! They don't even know what religion their kids are going to practice, they haven't even thought it through!"

Eshal's mom: "We are all equal one way or another!"

*Jacob's family scoffs*

Jacob's mom: "We are NOT equal, your people believe in Jesus and Muhammad which is totally not true. *scoffs*

Eshal's dad: "They're real! But who you believe in doesn't determine anything!"

Uncle David: "You bombed the twin towers on 9/11! Your family are terrorists!"

Eshal's mom: "Its because of you Americans that we are harassed! We are not all bad people and everyone needs to realize that!"

Jacob: "Everyone please stop fighting! Eshal and I are in love, our religion shouldn't be getting in the way! If you don't support our relationship then leave."

*Jacob's family realizes that he really does love her and they sit back down and shut up*

*Wedding proceeds and they get married*

Additional questions that I didn't add

-How do control of resources create economic and social differences?

The control of resources create economic and social differences because if a country like the middle east has oil and they refuse to share it with the United States then it causes the United States to not like the Middle East. If they do share with the United States then the United States becomes civil and friends with the Middle East. Oil can also change the economy because without oil, the economy goes down.

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