Scrapbook from 1864

By Tyler Estridge

Abraham Lincoln
abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin on Febuary 12, 1809. Abrahams Mom and Dads name was Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. They had three children but one died of infancy. They lived in Hardin County, Kentuky. Kentuky was a slave state. The Lincolns had to move to Perry County, Indiana because of Land Dispute. When Abraham became nine years old his mother died from a milk sickness called Tremetol. Since Abrahams mother died Thomas remarried a woman named Sarah Bush Johnston with three other children because she was a widow. Sarah encouraged that Abrahamm to read and gave him a formal education. Abraham lived in a very rural area so he walked miles just for a book. Abraham read books such as Robinson Crusoe, Prilgrims Progress, the Bible, and Aesop's Fables Becoming a Lawyer
In March 1830, The family again moved to Macon County, Illinois. Abraham was now only twenty-two years old and was six feet tall already but thin with muscles. He was known for his weilding ablility to make a axe or a railed fence. He soon moved to New Salem, Illinois and became a shop keeper to a postmaster and then a store general. Lincoln was with the public and loved story telling and that is how the public loved him. In 1832, the Black Hawk War broke out againest the Native americans and the United States. Abraham was able to make many political connections during the war. In 1834, He became the Illinios state Legistlater. He was a member of the Whig party. Later in 1837 he moved to Springfield, Illinios, and practiced law with the John T. Stuart law firm. Soon Abraham came to be romantically involved with a woman named Ann Rutledge. Anne though died of Typhoid Fever at age twenty-two leaving Lincoln alone. They were saadly going to get engaged. Later, Abraham Partnered with William Herndon but found to disagree with the discions. So abraham made his rounds on the variouse county seats.

Looking at Politics

Abraham served single term in the U.S. house of representatives. From 1847 to 1849. In the 1850's the railroad industry waws moving west. Abraham was a attorny for the railroad industry. Abraham had courted Mary Owens and they were going to get married in a couple of months but Abragam called it off. Later, They both met at a social group and got married on November 4,1842. The couple had four children and only one survived to adult-hood.
On November sixth, 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected president. The Civil War
Suddenly, The war between North and South broke out and the cannon from Fort Sumter started the Civil War. During the first year and a half battlefeild made it hard to keep up. Soon the North began to start winning by a small slit. By, 1864 The north was losing and Abraham knew he would be a one term president. George B. McClennan was Abrahams nemesis would probably win the election, but Abraham Lincoln won by fifty-five percent. General Robert E. Lee surrendered his forces to Ulyssess S. Grant. Making the North win.


On April fourtenth, 1865, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. John Wilks Booth shot Abraham Lincoln in the head. This happened at Ford's Theater in Washington D.C. Abraham Lincoln was in a coma for nine hours untill the next morning untill he died. Abraham Lincoln died on April 15, 1865. He was then carryed on a funeral train for people to pay their respects.

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States during the Civil War.

Ulysses S. Grant
Was born on April 27, 1822. He was born in Point Pleasent, Ohio. As a kid he was very shy. Unlike his dad but like his mother. Joined Military Acadamy at West Point. His famouse nickname "U.S. Grant" came after he joined the army. Failed horably at west point on grades. Though did good at math, geology, and exelled in horsemanship. He Graduated in 1843 as the twenty-first out of thirty-nine. Grant was glad to be out. Did mandatory for four years after. Next, Grant was stationed at St. Louise. That was where he met Julia Dent. So Grant proposed to Julia Dent in 1844. Grant served as a quarter master in the Mexican-American war. Served under General Zachary Taylor and General Winfeild Scott. Grant looked at their tactics and their leadership skills. Credited for bravery under fire. Marriage Four year engagment and then got married. Had four children over six years. Civil War
1852, was sent to Fort Vancover, which is know Washington state. Grant tried getting his family living closer to the fort because he missed them but failed. He started to drink which made his reputation dogged through his military career. Summer, 1853, became captain. Sent to Fort Humbolt on the northern california coast. July thirty-first, 1854, stopped working with the army because of drinking and bad actions. Febuary 1862, attacked on Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. April 1862, moved his troops to the enemy territory. The battle would soon be called the battle of Shiloh. Grant recieved many bad sayings from cridicts about this. Won the battle of Shiloh. December 1862, Union won at Vicksburg. October 1863, Grant took command at Chattanooga, Teneesse. The battle of Chattanooga went on from November 22 to November 25. The Union won. March 1864 to April to April 1865, Lee surrendered his army.

After Civil War In 1868 at age fourty-six, was elected the yougest president elected. Was the eighteenth president elected. Grant wen't bankrupt in 1884. He also found out that he had Throat Cancer. So he started selling short magazines. Died July 23, 1885.

Ulysses S. Grant became one of our presidents and was a General during the Civil War.

Sojourner Truth

Was born in 1797, there was no record about the day she was born on. She was one of twelve children. Her parents names were James and Elizabeth Bamfree. Sojourner was born in the town of Swartekill, Wister County, Newyork. She was born in slavery. The master had died so he gave the slaves to his son. Then his son died making the the family be sold and seperated. Sojourner was sold for $100 with a flock of sheep. She was only nine years old. For the next two years she was sold twice again. She began to learn english through those two years. Around 1815 she fell in love with Robert. They both had a son Peter Sadly, the master of Robert forbade that and Robert never got to see his family again. She remarried in 1817, and had two daughters Elisabeth and Sophia. Truth ranaway with infant sophia in 1826. Then she found out that Peter was illegally sold to a many at age five, so Truth wen't to court. She was the first african american to challenge a white man in court. Later, she moved to New York with Peter and she had a job as a house keeper. Peter then got a job. He worked on a whaling ship. Between 1840 to 1841 Truth got three letters from him. When the ship returned in 1842, Truth couldnt find her son. She looked everywhere but he was not aboard the ship. On June first, 1843, Truth changed her name completly to Sojourner Truth. She joined North Hampton, Massachusetts, in 1844. Though it stopped two years later in 1846. Four years later memoirs were published like "The Narative of Sojourner Truth:A Northern Slave". She gave a speech at the womans rights convention in Akron, in the month of May 1851. It was called "Ain't I a Woman?" She then toured ohio from 1851 to 1853. Truth was called to Washington, D.C., to contribute to the National Freedman's Relief Association, in 1864. In 1865, she tried to ride in white peoples cars because of segregation.
Sojourner Truth died at her home in Battle Creek, Michigan, on November 26, 1883.

Sojourner Truth was a slave and escaped from her master.

Joseph E. Johnston
Before Civil War Born on Febuary three, 1807. He was born near Farmville, Virginia. In 1829 he graduated from Military Academy at West Point.
Starting the Civil War
Given the rank of Brigadier General in the Confederate army of Shenandoah in May 1861. In July he was credited for winning the first Battle of Bull Run. He became General but had differences with Davis, the president of the Confederacy. In April 1862, Johnston took his troops to defend the capital at Richmond. The strategy was told by Davis to Johnston, so he fought well againest the Union army. Though he was badly wounded in the battle of Fair Oaks also known as seven pines, so Robert E. Lee took his place. A year later took control of Mississippi but was threatened by federal advance on Vicksburg. Davis did not allow Johnston to warn General John C. Pemberton. With horable troops Johnston lost at Vicksburg, on July fourth, 1863. So he took control of the army at Tenesse and headed down towards Atlanta, Georgia. The cofederate army wanting a win though Davis was not happy with the plains. On Febuary 1865, went to North Carolina, but lacked on food and supllies. They fought againest General William T. Sherman, at Bentoville. Which happened in March. Had to surrender to Sherman at Durham Station, on April twenty-sixth.
After Civil War

Served in the House of Representatives from 1879 to 1881. He was named U.S. Comissionar of railroads in 1885. Joseph E. Johnston died on March twenty-first, 1891.

Joseph E, Johnston was part of the Confedeate army during the Civil War. He also did help in North Carolina.

Fredrick Douglass
Fredrick Agustus Washington Baily was born in, Talbot county, Maryland, in 1818. Though his real birthdate is unknown. In the future Douglass started to celebrate his birthday on Febuary Fourth. He lived with his Grandmother untilll he got selected to work on a plantation with his father. Sadley, Douglass's mother had passed away when he was ten years old. He loved his mother very much. He was sent to Baltimore and started learning reading and writing at twelve years old. Hugh Alds wife tuaght him. Ald refusd the lessons but still Douglass learned by the white kids that were always running around. Douglass started to read the newspapers and taught others how to read to. He was then hired out to William Freeman, and still taught other slaves how to read and write. He had lessons and more than fourty people came. They read out of the old testement from the Bible. Douglass who is now sixteen went on and was now a slave for Edward Lovey. He was the eifficail "Slave Breaker". He abused Douglass way to many times. After Douglass had a physical injury, Covey never beat him again. Before he succeeded he, Douglass tried to escape two other times. In his finale try he fell in love with a woman named Anna Murray, a free black woman. On September third, 1838, Douglass boarded a train with savings, sailor uniform, and identification papers for a sailor. In less than twenty-four hours, he was free. When he arrived in New York he married Anna Murray, on September fifteenth, 1838. Adopting the name of Johnston to disguise Douglass. He jioned an African Church and talked about his escape. He said many speeches and many books were writen about him, during that time. He said a speech at the anti-slavery convention. To avoid recapture he moved to Ireland. The ship set sail on August sixteen, 1845. The british gathered money for Douglass to be free. So in 1847, he wen't back to the U.S.A. and was a free man. He stated to write news papers and supported womans rights. Civil War In 1863, Douglass talked to Abraham Lincoln about the treatment of slaves during the civil war. To help during the civil war Douglass held a post in the Republic of Haiti, between 1889 and 1891. Later, he became the first Vice President of the U.S.A. He remet with Ald and his daughter. Though recieved alot of criticism.
Family and Death Douglass and Murray had five children: Rosetta, Lewis Henry, Frederick Jr., Charles Redmond, and Annie. Annie died at ten years old. Anna also died so Douglass remaired a white feminest named Helen Pitts.

Since Helen wasa both white and twenty years younger than Douglass, the children were very displeased. Frederick died on Febuary twentieth, 1895.

Frederick Douglass escaped slavery and said many speeches. He also helped with a post in the civil war.

78 Georgia December 9, 1863
Sarah Bain Rethern Dear Beloved wife, I hardely have anything to write with but I hope these few lines will give you health and confidence. I have been walking for five days. The rain has been a fallen on us the whole time. The snow was a fallen down. I caught a cold. The shoes you made me kept me still a climbing. Next time the mail truck comes and you get my letter remember me and christmas is coming. They say we gon get a treat on christmas.

When you see this remember me still a fighting. Sincery. John E. Rethern

This is a letter that a soilder wrote after a battle.

Limb tree Road March 9, 1864
John E. Rethern Dear beloved husband, the house feels so empty without you and your love. The slaves are not working as hard as they should though they are going to get whipped if they don't get back on track. The kids say " My dad is a climbing in the civil war. He gets money too. Wes gone be a happy family when he comes home." They miss you so much and I miss you too. Charles though has a passed away from a sickness but the doctor didn't know what to do about it. He said to tell you that "one day he will be just like you just not today."

Remember of us as you fight. Sincerely, Sarah Bain Rethern

This woman is writing a letter to her family member that is in the civil war.

Olympia street September 2, 1864

Sarah Bain Rethren Dear wife, I received the letter you wrote me, I love to read the words you wrote down for me. The battle of Gettysburg lasted for three days. I was in it. My two buddy's that were right next to me got killed in the first thirty minutes of the battle. My arm did have to get amputated because a bullet hit my arm and then started to make my bone very weak. So now the words that I write you are one less arm away. I hear the general on my army, General Robert E. Lee, though we lost that war we are still hoping we have enough men to win.

This is a picture is of the battle of Gettysburg. The men are fighting againest each other in one of the most grusom battles in the Civil War.


Rifle: More accurate and could go farther (1,000 yards)

Repeaters: Easy to load but Soilders still had to pause and reload.
Ballons and Submarines: Union spies flew in a ballon to find information about the Confederates. Submarines were used by trying to sink iron clads with the submarines. (Confederates)
Railroads: Used railroad tracks to get soilders and supplies from one place to another.
Photography: A long multistep feature made it possible to photo graph the war.

Telegraph: Made it easier for Abraham Lincoln to stay in communication with the battles.


This is a rifle that a soilder used during the civil war.

Civil Newspaper for the North

                                            Vicksburg Win

Amazing victory by General Ulysses Grant despite the presence of daunting Confederate gun batteries on the walls surrounding the city overlooking the Mississippi River. Grant tried five different plants (including diverting the Mississippi River itself) before he found one that worked. It was the simplest but riskiest of all: run the gantlet of Confederate gun batteries and land on the eastern shore of the Mississippi right below Vicksburg. From there, Grant set up trenches and settled in for a siege, which proved most effective. In one of the quirks of history, Lt. Gen. John C. Pemberton, commanding the troops in Vicksburg, surrendered to Grant at almost the same time that General George Pickett was leading his disastrous charge into the Union batteries on Cemetery Ridge.

                                               Pathway to Freedom

The Underground Railroad wasnt underground and it wasnt a railroad. It maily meant secret. It was made of stations and conductors. A station is a place for example of a home where slaves would go and hide from the slave catchers. The person that owns the station is called a Station Master. Conductors would take slaves from station to station. Stations would have secret codes that tell slaves wether it is safe or not.

This is a Camara that people used while the civil war was in action.


Territories during the Civil War.

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