"The Sleep-Apocalypse is taking over" - Niki Kleinheider

We need your help. 150,000 Americans are affected with narcolepsy and thousands go on with life without being diagnosed or treated in any way.

No matter how much sleep that person gets the night before, they normally don't sleep well and have major daytime drowsiness and uncontrollable sleep episodes.

There is NO CURE but with your help, people with this neurological disorder can have their symptoms controlled with medication and therapy.

How do you get involved? Support the Narcolepsy Network!

Question: What is Narcolepsy Network?

Answer: We are a national non-profit corporation, which was founded in 1986. Our members include individuals with Narcolepsy, their families and friends, and professionals involved in the study and treatment of Narcolepsy. Our primary focus is to:

  • Educate and inform individuals with Narcolepsy about this life-long neurological sleep disorder, available treatments and symptom management so they may be empowered to achieve the highest quality of life possible;
  • Provide emotional support and resources to patients, family members, and friends;
  • Encourage and assist in the formation of local support groups and other support systems;
  • Serve as a resource center for patients, medical and providers, educators, employers, and members of the public;
  • Advocate for the interests of all persons with Narcolepsy;
  • Promote early diagnosis, optimal treatment and scientific research;
  • Increase public awareness of Narcolepsy

Join Narcolepsy Network today and become involved in improving your own life and the quality of life of others like you. Our membership is open to all who share an interest in Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. (images)

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3 years ago
3 years ago

Narcolepsy causes episodes of unpreventable sleep. In extreme cases, people undergo cataplexy which makes that person unable to move and become limp.

3 years ago

Although this kitten falling asleep is cute, there is an increased risk of death for people with narcolepsy due to motor vehicle and job related accidents.