Kiva Kids Behind AVA

My name is Vivek and I have been working on Kiva projects for the past few months. The first project was to chose a specific country and make an advertisement about it. My group chose Paraguay because lots of people and families needed money to start a business, pay for university fees, help the community, and other tasks they needed help with.

At the moment, my group is working on a Kiva simulation. My group is the borrowers, the teachers at Town School are the lenders, and Ms. Goggin is the microfinancing institution. As the borrowers, we have asked for a loan of $55 to buy foam balls that we plan to sell to other kids at Town School for Boys. My groups loan went live 4 weeks ago and expires on 2/6/2017. Waiting for our loan to be fulfilled was nerve wracking and worrying. Our loan was fully funded on 1/31/2017 and we ordered our product that day. We were planning on buying three packs of foam balls but Amazon only had two left in stock so we had to quickly buy the two.

A global competence that resonated with me was comfort with the new and unfamiliar. Some new experiences that I experienced durning the simulation was worrying about our loan to be fully funded and anxiously waiting to buy our product and sell it to the community. It feels like a really long time since we started the Kiva projects. The experience was kind of rigged in a way because when "real borrowers" on Kiva are waiting for their loan they have a less likely chance of getting fully funded when my group and I have a way more likely chance of getting funded. This happens because the ratio of teachers to groups is larger than lenders to borrowers.

Another competence that resonated with me and my group is communication and collaboration. Communication and collaboration happened when my group was first searching for a product to sell, way back in time. We were each looking on our own devices and we each had our own ideas of what to sell. In my opinion, and I think my group would agree that we communicated very well about our products and finally came up with a final choice.

I am proud of my group's communication and collaboration because it shows that my group works well together and are a strong working community. If we hadn't communicated and shared are ideas well, we probably would have had a product that we would have sold none of. Whenever we have multiple tasks to cover at once, we always split the work evenly. We share the process while working separately and it feels like we are all on the same job together. This makes our group feel strong and close to each other.  

Being a borrower feels hard and challenging and you have to make lots of decisions. I think it is harder to be a borrower than a lender because mostly all the lender does is make a choice on who to lend to, lend, and then get their money back. Also, when a lender chooses someone to lend to, there is no right or wrong answer. Being a borrower, all decisions are important to your company.

A quote to explain all my experiences is that the only way we can learn and have more knowledge is by experience. I got this from a quote from Albert Einstein, "The only source of knowledge is experience". We would learned more from the experience of Kiva, rather than not having the experience.

Now a global competency that is resonating with me is coping and resiliency. My group has to deal with lots of other groups saying that we should have gotten in to the fidget spinner company. I, and I'm sure that my group agrees, that we should have gone into fidget spinners if we knew that we could also sell our older product as well.