All About Me and My Favorite Things

My name is Imunique Archie

I was born in Charlotte, NC on March 8, 2002.

I'm the middle child between two boys. I have 4 step-brothers and 3 sisters.

I have one dog and she is a pit-bull mix, her name is Raven.  


Color- Blue

Food- Chicken

Desert- Ice-cream

Candy Bar- Snickers

Soda- Mountain Dew (Voltage)

Subject- P.E.

Store in mall- IDK I don't like shopping

Sport- Football

Team- Hornets (fav. colors) and

Television show- Everybody Hates Chris

Movie- The Wedding Ringer

Book- That Girls Mines on Watt-pad

Music- Pop, Rap and R&B

App- Cookie Jam

Animal-Dog (because there so cute and fun to play with)

Artist- Kevin Gates

Hobby- Listening to music

Hot drink- Hot Chocolate

Cold drink- Sprite

Rainy Day- Dance while listening to music

Yes, I believe in long term goals and short term goals (ex. be an obstetrician and graduate from medical school) (ex. make all A's)

Beach- Swimming

Vacation- Miami and Orlando, Florida


1.  One thing I really want to be is an Obstetrician.

2.  Yes, I have conducted some info about Obstetricians. For example, an obstetrician is a doctor that delivers babies.

3. The business I would create is a foundation were we allow homeless to stay in homes for up to a year. This will be located in Miami, Florida. I want to start this business because i believe in second chances and no one should live on the streets on the border line of starvation.

4. If I could travel anywhere I would go to Paris.

5. My parents and teachers inspire me to do best.


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