Snow Day Project

By Rachel Kim

Forecast for February 5th Kansas City

The forecast for Kansas City on Tuesday was snow starting around 6:00 pm and going into Wednesday. The snow that fell was dry snow and it broke the record for the most amount of snow at KCI airport. (7.5 inches the old record was 7.4 inches) The hottest temperature for Kansas City was 113 degrees on August 14, 1936. The coldest temperature for Kansas City is -23 degrees on December 22nd and 23rd 1989. That is really cold!

Snow Facts About Colorado

I'm not sure about the weather forecast in Colorado but I do know it did snow there. I also don't know what the snow was like that day. The most amount of snowfall ever received is 63 inches. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Denver, Colorado is 105 degrees on the 25th and 26th of June. It also occurred on July 20, 2005, and August 8, 1878. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Denver, Colorado is -27 degrees on January 9, 1875. The hottest temperature in Colorado is 114 degrees in Bennett on July 11, 1888. The coldest temperature in Colorado is -61 degrees in Maybell February 1, 1985.

Snow in Sochi

Sochi is a country in Russia that is also hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics. Did you know, for the Winter Olympics, they made 1,000 football fields worth of fake snow?! It didn't snow in Sochi when it snowed hear though. The hottest temperature ever recorded was 102.9 degrees on July 30, 2000. The coldest temperature ever recorded was 7.9 degrees on January 25, 1892.