How to Download Free Music to iPhone and Best Free iPhone Music Download App

True to form, Apple has the good knack for turning the audiophiles into their loyal users of iDevices, especially iPhone, since such iOS-based gadgets make it great for playing music. But it can be pretty complicated to get free music downloads for iPhone, except the way of relying on iTunes for all your music needs on iPhone. How will you do supposing you want to download free music to your iPhone 6? Not a simple way? Here we are providing the options for you to bag yourself more free music on iPhone.

Option 1: Download Free Music Download Apps for iPhone (Non-Jailbroken)

There are many other options to get free iphone music downloads without iTunes. Generally, to download free music apps is among the best action to put free music on iPhone these days. Below are the detailed guides on how to download unlimited free music/songs on iPhone by the free music apps.
Step 1: Go to the App Store icon and tap it.
Step 2: Search for a free music download app on your iPhone and tap the Free button to download the music app.
Note: There are dozens of apps that offer free music downloads for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod). What's the best free iPhone music app? To help you narrow down your search, here we provide the top 5 best free music download apps for iPhone to get music freely.

Top 1: MacX YouTube Downloader - It cannot be too easy to get the free music downloads for iPhone by using MacX YouTube Downloader. Rather than a free music download app for iPhone, this program is a highly acclaimed online video/audio downloader that is versed in download any music, album, movie, video, TV shows, 4K UHD videos from 300+ sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vevo, Vimeo, etc, without ads, spyware or malware. Its built-in high-quality engine and advanced download engine guarantees a fast online video download speed, up to 30 seconds for a free music download.

Top 2: Soundcloud - There is nothing short of amazing. Soundcloud is a huge music database where you can easily download songs you like for free. It makes music download as easy as possible, while injecting Airplay support, background playback and high quality music downloads as well.
Top 3: Free Music Download Pro - If you want to download unlimited songs to iPhone, this free music app will live up your hypes. Being helpful for you download options, it brings support for MP3, WAV and M4A and enables you to play the songs you freely download on iPhone flawlessly.
Top 4: iDownloader Pro - This is not only a music downloader app but also provides video downloads, player, photo viewer and a web browser as well. Therefore, you can download music, play it and transfer songs to iPhone easily.
Top 5: Free Music Download Player Pro - You can download music from a selection of over 500,000 tracks. The video it displays are hardly intrusive. However, this free music download app for iPhone is rest with ads. If you'd like to listen to music or enjoy video without ads, you are suggested to download video beforehand.
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Step 3: Search for the songs and artists after you run the app and download free songs as instructed.

Option 2: Download Free Music to iPhone from iTunes Single

iTunes is dedicated to free downloads, like music, movie clips, apps, for instance. So if you'd like to free download music for your iPhone, iTunes is the place to go. All you need is to launch the iTunes app on the home screen of iPhone, click the Music button at the bottom of the interface, tap on the Single of the Week and finally click the Free button to download the song.
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Note: the single of the week is always free. Each week there is a new single offered freely from iTunes. You can build your library with free songs downloads for iPhone by courtesy of the iTunes single.

Option 3: Convert Free Music Downloads with iPhone Video Converter

To be frank, if you are a music buff, chances are you may save a lot of songs on your computer. But you may scratch your head while trying to listen to the music with the format that is unreadable with your iPhone. Here scroll down and find the way to put free music you download to iPhone for enjoying.

Step 1: Get the music onto your computer. You can get the music downloads in a variety of methods, for instance, rip a song from CD/DVD using a DVD ripper, download songs online from the best free music download sites like YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, and more, or save a song sent by your friends, and more.

Note: You cannot download music from Spotify since this online music site is strictly a streaming program rather than a music store like iTunes. It pays royalties based on the number of plays each song gets, resulting in the inability to process Spotify free download. But if you do want to download the songs from Spotify for your own use, you can record the music that you hear on Spotify with the aid of MacX Video Converter Pro that is equipped with an awesome screen recording feature, letting you record songs, videos, movies from Spotify as well as other music sites Hulu, Vevo, etc with high quality. In addition, it is also available for you to download free music to iPhone (iPhone 6/6 Plus included) from 300+ online video/music sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more.

Step 2: Download, install and run a audio video converter for iPhone that is able to convert video to iPhone compatible audio/video formats like the above mentioned MacX Video Converter Pro. This program is constantly upgraded to support the latest mobiles, including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy S5 and more and helps to download and convert pretty much any video file type you throw at it (MKV, AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.) on your iPhone.

Step 3: Convert the music video to an iTunes compatible format or directly transfer it to iPhone readable format.

Step 4: Add the new song to the iTunes library and plug your iPhone into the computer for syncing.

Option 4: Take Advantages of Streaming Radio

Besides the free music download apps that offer you to put free songs on iPhone, the streaming-radio apps set up for browsing through stations and genres are also quite good to find new music. The following steps will show you how to listen to music on your iPhone with the streaming radio.

Step 1: Search for a streaming radio app through iPhone's App Store.

Note: There are numerous music streaming radio apps in the market, and we just compiled the best.

No 1: Pandora - It is a free and personalized radio that plays music of a certain genre based on the user's artist selection.
No 2: Slacker Radio - Much like Pandora, Slacker Radio provides you the option to search for a song and create music based on the song. It is a solid choice for streaming music with a huge music library. However, this streaming radio is ad-supported. If you want to listen to music with no ads, you'd better download music from it beforehand.
No 3: iHeartRadio - It helps to stream radio from 1500+ live radio stations with no ads.

Note: It's easy to use up the data allowance while streaming music with cellular data. So it's advised to use Wi-Fi or simply download music to iPhone using a video downloader.

Option 5: Put Free Music on iPhone (Jailbroken)

Some people may own a jailbroken iPhone, if so, follow the Cydia tweaks to download free music for jailbroken iPhone. All you have to do is to download the app from Cydia and find the song you like. There are many app available for your needs. Just check the top 3 app to get the free music for your jailbroken iPhone.

Top 1: Bridge - It is an awesome Cydia app that lets you to put music to iPhone without the need of syncing with iTunes.
Top 2: iFile - It is a file manager that drags and drops files like songs onto iPhone through root access.
Top 3: MewSeek - This is a music app available in Cydia store and helps to download music over Wi-Fi.

Option 6: Easy Access to Free Music Instead of Downloads on iPhone

Besides the above mentioned ways to get free music downloads for iPhone, there are some tips for you to listen free music on iPhone without eve downloading a song. Frankly, you can take advantages of cloud services like Google Play Music, Amazon Cloud Player, and Dropbox to play your music collection on iPhone. For instance, you just click the Share button, choose Open in Dropbox and save the music file there.

Conclusion of Free Music Downloads for iPhone

All the above mentioned tips are helpful in case you want to get free music downloads for iPhone. It's only at your fingertips to choose which one is the most suitable for you. For people taking the portability into consideration, the music streaming solution is exactly the proper way. But for people taking the data use into consideration but don't want to be bothered by format issues, downloading free music to iPhone friendly format is the optimal choice.