Tackk is beautiful web service that lets you creat a multimedia -rich web page  with just few  steps and without signing up for an  account  .The site provides you with an interface that lets you  key  in  title for your "Tackk"  after which you can add backgrounds, images, text, videos, link and even a map to your single -page presentation , Each Tackk has a self life of eight days ,and as a creator , you can  share your handy work with friends via e-mail , on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit and more. Besides , you can also embed your  Tackk page into another  website. And yes , signing up for a free account means your Tackk will stay on forever . Try it out . Tackk can be used to creat party invitations, for office presentation , and even school projects,  The possibilities  are limitless. tackk.com     

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