Lyme Disease
By: Makena Beyer & Vy Nguyen


Lyme Disease usually happens in the spring and summer.  You won't get it by any limes though, but you will get it from Deer Ticks.  Deer Ticks are brown with lines or lines and polka dots.




*Feeling warm



You will get a rash where the tick bit you (called the bull's-eye rash.)  You will feel dizzy.  You will also have a soft cold.  Your doctor will test your blood to see if you have Lyme Disease.  


Your doctor will give you medicine either pills,liquid, or even both.  You can even get

gummies.  Make sure you look for any ticks before taking a shower or do anything that contains water (except drinking water.)


Don't go in tall grass or in any woods.  Remember to wear light colored long pants and long sleeves to see if any meany ticks are on you.  Always remember to tuck your shirt into your pants in your socks.